Workshops and Executive Training

In conjunction with Marcus Evans, Dr. Green leads multi-day workshops throughout the year across the US, Canada, Central and South America and Europe.  These public workshops offer delegates the opportunity to learn about the practice of risk and profitability management from a seasoned expert with over 20 years of experience working with depository institutions around the globe. In addition, delegates have an opportunity to meet their peers who are dealing with similar challenges.  See Events or the individual workshop pages for upcoming courses.

Standard Workshops

While each of these courses emphasizes different aspects of risk and profitability management, they are all comprehensive in nature.  There is something for everyone, from the new analyst to the experienced modeler looking for fresh insights.

In addition to banking practitioners, audiences often include representatives from the regulatory communities, audit firms and software companies.  Guest speakers and DGA clients make frequent appearances, offering an opportunity for delegates to better understand how ideas discussed in the workshops are put into practice.

For more information about upcoming courses, including registration details, click the links above or select from the drop-down menu under Workshops above.

DGA also offers in-house workshops and executive training sessions.  Each can be customized and tailored to address the unique characteristics and challenges of a particular institution.

In-house Workshops

In-house workshops often include 50 or more people, providing a unique opportunity to bring together people from across the organization.  The goal of these sessions is to create an awareness that effective risk and profitability management is a shared responsibility - more than one delegate has acknowledged that he or she had no idea how decisions they make, around product management for instance, impact the measurement and management of interest rate and liquidity risk. Similarly, many risk managers have been surprised to learn about behaviors and product management practices of which they were previously unaware.

Executive Training

These sessions provide an opportunity for executive management teams to discuss balance sheet management strategies and governance challenges with a seasoned practitioner.  In these sessions, David also shares his insights around regulatory hot-buttons and forthcoming guidance.

For more information on our live workshops and executive training sessions, contact us.  References are available upon request.