The Story of How Your Institution Makes Money May Be a Work of Fiction
– An interview with me in which I explain why FTP is necessary to develop and manage a meaningful earnings story for ALL levered financial institutions


A Compendium of Equations, Visual Images and Thoughts on FTP
– A 1-page compilation of important equations, graphs, relationships and thoughts on FTP (or 25 years of thinking on risk and profitability compressed into 1 page)


All Deposits Are Not Above Average
– A tongue-in-cheek look at the propensity to believe that your bank's or credit union's deposits are "above average"


Non-Maturity Deposit Modeling Considerations
– Enumeration of things to consider when developing and implementing a behavioral model for non-maturity deposits


Deposit Duration and the Measurement of Interest Rate Risk
– Description of behavioral characteristics which are necessary for a deposit to have duration and an explanation of how deposit duration is a critical input into aggregate risk measures


Roulette Wheels, Interest Rate Risk and the Mismatch Center
– A story that illustrates why a bank must understand and acknowledge its interest rate risk profile if its earnings story is to make any sense


Stressing Over Stress Testing
– Description of key components of a comprehensive balance sheet stress testing framework


Some papers are only available to workshop participants and are password protected.

Individual papers are also available through the Papers sub-menu.